Overview of the functionalities

With map functions, you can perform various actions on the maps as well as change their appearance. The following map functions are located at the top of the map view:

The rest of the functions are located in the menu on the left side of the page:

Dim Map   

The Dim Map function dims the active background map and map layers. Thus, layer objects are highlighted.


Select the most suitable measuring option.

  1. Distance
  2. Area
  3. Measure map features


The Names function displays the names of the layer objects in selected (active) object classes on the map.

Fit View   

The Fit View function adjusts the map view to display all objects in selected (active) object classes on the map.

Coordinate Tool   

With the Coordinate Tool, you can point a location on the map and view its coordinates as well as search for a location whose coordinates you already know and display that location on the map. In addition, you can change the coordinate system in use.

User Map Settings   

With the User Map Settings function, you can view shadows and meshes below terrain on the map at a desired time.

My Location   

The My Location function displays the current user location on the map.


The TimeSlider function allows you to delimit the map view in accordance with a specific time period when time-dependent layers are active. You can set the start and end time of the period either by moving the pointers on the time scale that opens at the bottom of the map view, or by entering the dates and times of your choice in their respective fields in a separate settings window.

(Open Thematic Maps Settings)     

With the Thematic Maps Settings function, you can customize a thematic map view by editing its settings. The available settings depend on enabled layers. From the settings view, you can also access further information on that map (Dataview).  


With the Share function, you can create a link to the current map view including information such as map location, background map, and active layers. You can also add an optional comment or drawing (point, line, or area) and include those in the link. Once finished, the link can be copied. 

In addition, you can create an embedded map in which you may include MiniMap, Now on Map, map toolbar, and link to full map service. In the preview of the embedded map, you can even change the size of the embedding as well as the starting position of the map. The embedded map link can be copied to the page on which the map will be displayed. 


With the Print function, you can print the current map view as follows:


With the Download function, you can export data to a file from the map window (all active objects or visible map area) or a user-defined area. The export area can be defined by using a radius or line buffer, or you can draw the area yourself. The file format of the export is user-selectable. To display Download feature on main site, it should be active from admin.

My Maps   

With the My Maps function, you can create and save map states for your username, and in these states, you may include selected information.

A saved map state can be set as the start-up state of the map service by clicking on the tag icon (Set as start-up state) next to the state name in the My Maps list, and the start-up setting can be removed by clicking on the same icon again. Furthermore, a saved map state can be completely removed by clicking on the trash can icon (Remove) next to the state name in the My Maps list.

Save map state as follows: